Alberti goes climate neutral

Since the beginning of this year, Alberti can call itself a climate-neutral estate agent. We had it calculated how much CO2 we produce. We then opted to offset this amount via the website The right amount of forest is planted for the calculated amount of CO2 emissions next year. In this way, among others, we contribute to a better environment.

“This is a great way for real estate agents to do their bit” says Christian Illegems of Alberti “All the news reports on climate change got us thinking. Besides our choice of green electricity, paperless working and offsetting our printing, we drive entirely electric and try to separate our waste as much as possible. We expect the same from our partners. For instance, our website runs in a green data centre and we think carefully about the design of our marketing. We are convinced that every little bit helps, and when we all participate, we will also come out of it together,”