When buying real estate there are many different people playing their part. In the first place of course the buyer and the seller. But also the bank, the tax authorities and insurance companies. In case of a divorce a valuation can also be important. They all want to know what the value is.

The value of your house is determined by the property itself, but also by the location and other external factors. This is not always clear. The arrival of an airport can, for example, increase the value of your house due to increasing employment, but it can also decrease when there is expected nuisance. Because we have Eindhoven and its surroundings on our professional map, we take all important factors into account when making a valuation in Eindhoven. We have an overview of all local building plans and regulations. We will provide you with a validated, independent and reliable valuation report of your house in Eindhoven or surroundings.

The seller wants to know how much he can receive for his house. The buyer wants to know the maximum amount he has to pay. For the bank the execution value is important, for the tax authorities the economic value and for insurance the reinstatement value is important. In the case of a divorce, the partners want to know what the surplus value of the house is.

In order to satisfy everyone, independent advice from third parties is necessary. We produce valuation reports that meet all requirements: objectively and completely in line with the current market situation. Our office and our appraisers are members of the NWWI and the VastgoedCert, which stands for strict quality requirements and professionalism.

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