Every year, as a homeowner, you receive the WOZ value of your property from the municipality. The WOZ value of your home affects the amount of taxes you have to pay. The municipality determines the value each year based on appraisals of other surrounding and comparable homes sold around the value date.

Why is it important to check the WOZ value?

It could be that if your property is assessed too high, you will have to pay too much tax. But, if your property is assessed too low, this can also be disadvantageous. For example, if you want to sell your property, you don’t want it to be undervalued.

Check your WOZ value here

How do you know whether your value is correct? You can check that via Fair WOZ. Via the check below you can easily go through the steps to discover whether your value is too high or too late. You can then lodge an objection via Fair WOZ if it is incorrect.